Business Restructuring and Reorganisation Our main activity concerns business restructuring in the framework of mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs, transfers of going concerns and related "acquired rights" procedures, and staff downsizing through the implementation of redundancy and collective dismissal procedures. In the implementation of such procedures the Firm has acquired a significant expertise in negotiating with trade unions and work councils, finalising the pertinent plant and “harmonisation” agreements and the ensuing collective and individual settlement agreements before the competent national or local agencies.

Individual Employment Relationships SPS provide assistance in drafting and managing all types of individual employment agreements, mandatory recruitment schemes, fringe benefits, incentive and stock-option plans, voluntary pension plans and schemes, employment-related intellectual property issues, grievance and disciplinary procedures, individual dismissals, relocation of employees and health and safety at work. Due to our significant foreign clientele, the Firm acquired a particularly sound expertise in the handling of multi-jurisdictional issues concerning directors, executives and employees, as well as in the structuring and the implementation of secondment, expatriate and other similar inter-company arrangements, including the handling of immigration procedures for foreign executives and skilled workers.

Agency, Consultancy and Outsourcing The Firm have a sound experience in drafting and negotiating agency and consultancy agreements, including the appointment and replacement of directors, and in planning outsourcing schemes, with a particular focus on the stringent rules of Italian law related to the provision labour-force.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Covenants not-to-compete SPS provide specialised advice on privacy-related issues arising in connection with employment relationships, including the international transfer of data, and with respect to all issues related to confidentiality agreements and covenants not-to-compete.

Litigation and ADR The Firm handle all kinds of employment- and labour-related litigation, and any preliminary alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Industrial Relationships SPS provide advice and assistance in all labour matters concerning the negotiation and the management of plant agreement, as well as in the interpretation and enforcement of national collective bargaining agreements.